Skulduggery and Balinese Art

These stunning animal heads caught my eye at the weekend.

Skull carving or carving bone, is an authentic part of Balinese tradition which in the past ensured that no part of an animal that was hunted for food was wasted. Today, the master craftsmen spend 10 years honing their skills so that they can continue to produce these extraordinary pieces that will last forever.

Skull Bliss [1]

Sadly, most of these local artists can not make their passion their profession as they are often not recognized for their talent. And that’s where Skull Bliss came in. They have created a website of the most beautiful cow, ram, horse and buffalo skulls, so that art connoisseurs and even ordinary people from all over the world get the chance to know about this outstanding work and possibly even own one.

Skull Bliss [3]

I could certainly find room for one!

Skull Bliss [2]

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