A Simple and Easy Idea for an Autumnal Table Setting

Conifers and candles. A simple idea for an autumnal table setting

Metal planter + plants + candles

Now, I’m not taking the credit for these ideas. The ideas, styling and photography on the following images are the work of the lovely guys at Rowen & Wren. I’m a big fan of their products, website, and their photographs, and it would be churlish not to share. Wouldn’t it? And I was totally captivated by the way they have used their Bryne Table Planter to create several different table decorations, that would make perfect centerpieces for entertaining. Or just for decorating the hall table or windowsill. And it looks so easy, even I could do it.

Tall grasses and tall candles make a lovely autumnal table setting

The planter comes in zinc or copper and perfectly compliments the linen napkins and metal plates for a relaxed and simple table setting. Sprigs of eucalyptus used as napkin rings complete the picture.

Plant up a long metal planter with succulents and tealights for an autumnal table setting

And when you fancy a change (or in my case, when the plants fade and die – green fingered I’m not), it’s easy just to refresh the planter with some new plants and candles. At least they would last longer than a vase of flowers.

An autumnal table setting with a metal planter, plants and tealights

And as the festive season approaches (sorry, I know it’s only October), miniature conifers will not only look seasonal, but will smell amazing.

Conifers and candles. A simple idea for an autumnal table setting

I’m totally doing this.



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    October 11, 2016

    This is just beautiful1 looks as if a forest has walked in the dining room.
    Thanks for sharing!

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      October 12, 2016

      Glad you like it Madison.


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