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The garden is slowly taking shape. The fence is now painted a lovely silvery grey. Much lighter than I was originally intending but now it’s done I think it looks not dissimilar to aged wood. And that’s good right? I’ve just knocked 20 years off the process. The first deck is finished. I’m calling it the ‘dining deck’ as it will be where the table, chairs and barbecue are going. It’s working out really well because we can now use that deck even while work progresses elsewhere, so that we won’t feel we’ve lost a whole summer in the garden. We have the barbecue, table and two benches and it just now needs some finishing touches.

So thank goodness for the Heart Home shop. And more specifically the Ruby Roost products. They are just the right mix of earthy, good design, that works indoors or can be easily transported to the garden when the sun comes out.

Top of the list is a lovely linen tablecloth for special occasions and lots of metal lanterns and candlelight holders. I’ve resisted the urge to put lighting into the design as I want the garden to be cosy and intimate and although I appreciate good lighting in a garden it can sometimes look a bit overdone. There may be some fairy lights or string lights at a later date but for now it will just be lanterns. Another essential is trays and serving bowls that look good outside. Wood, wire and metal are all perfect.


Ruby Roost is an online homeware boutique. Inspired by good simple design, objects that tell a story and high quality craftsmanship, they love to seek out home accessories and treasures that are a little bit different, quirky and unique. Their collection is sourced from all over the world from established brands, to vintage finds and selected pieces from a family of designers and suppliers.

If anything above takes your fancy just hover over the product. Alternatively there is a much larger selection on the Heart Home shop.

June 23, 2015



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    June 22, 2015

    The copper tea light holders really caught my eye, they’ve got an almost rose gold tint to them. Lovely post 🙂 x

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      June 23, 2015

      Thanks Beth 🙂


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