Shelves With An Industrial Edge

I like to think of myself as a creative person. I hope you agree. But the two sides of my brain seem to be in perpetual disagreement because I also like order, and that’s not a trait normally associated with creativity. I like symmetry. I like to pour, for hours on end, over floor-plans. I even get fanatical about spreadsheets for pity’s sake! And of course, I like anything that has a whiff of the architectural, with straight lines, industrial materials and a sense of purpose.

Like these new fire escape shelves from Red Candy.

RedCandy_Fire Escape Shelf

Fire Escape Shelf £99.95

It reminds me of those miniature library shelves you sometimes see in antiques shops and which I’ve always coveted. But this shelf is much more gritty and urban – maybe because it’s inspired by the iconic metal fire escapes often found in New York. It’s perfect for a city bachelor pad but I’d love it in the office at home too.

RedCandy_Iron Bridge Shelf

Iron Bridge Shelf, £79.95

And I also love the iron bridge shelf and the stairwell bookends too.

“This intricate suspension bridge design will take you back to the days of the industrial revolution, where Brunel created architectural masterpieces such as the Clifton Suspension Bridge in Bristol”. Red Candy.

RedCandy_Stairway Bookend

Stairwell Bookend, £79.95

All available from Red Candy



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