Shelf Life – The Best Way to Store and Display All Those Pretty Things

Shelf Life

If you’re anything like me you have way too much stuff. I try to keep it down. I’m quite ruthless in the wardrobe and the kitchen cabinets. But it’s the small decorative things that I seem to collect. Magpie like. I can’t resist a mini potted cactus at the moment. Or a wooden box. Or anything glass and brass. I convince myself that they don’t cost too much, and they are what gives a home personality, but I’m fast running out of surfaces to put them on.

So I’ve been looking at small shelves.

green marble shelf

Green Marble Shelf, £70, Grace and Glory

wooden ladder shelf for the potting shed or garden

Shelf Ladder, £165, Garden Trading.

Not the load bearing, wall hugging, heavy, can’t move them once there there type of shelves. But the small, narrow, don’t take up much space type of shelves. The ones you can slot into a wall of curated art without them taking all the glory. Shelves that you don’t bump into as you walk past. And most importantly, shelves that have to be kept ‘styled’ and tidy. Purely decorative. For all of those pretty things.

selection of small shelves

1. Aldsworth ‘Fresh Herbs’ Shelf, £30, Garden Trading. 2. Small Round Metal Wall Shelf, £105, Vincent and Barn. 3. Solid Wood Oak 3 Shadow Box, Etsy. 4. Dark Oak Wall Shelf, £99, Black by Design. 5.Black Metal Wall Unit With Baskets By Madam Stoltz, £79.95, Arbol House. 6. Hexagon Shelves, £13, B&Q.

Scandinavian type shelving for the prettiest of tableware in the kitchen or dining room

Skagerak DO Shelf System, £659, Cloudberry Living.

And the good news is, they come in all shapes and sizes, materials and styles.

shelves in all shapes and sizes

1. Arena Storage Caddy, £105, Amaroni Home. 2. Potting Shed, £45, Garden Trading. 3.Black Bracket Mango Wood Shelf, £55, Eclect Design. 4. Rustic Wooden 9 Section Pigeon Holes, £79.95, Live Laugh Love. 5. Ibride Shelf, £305, Noxu Home. 6. Hearts Wooden Wall Shelf, £21.95, Melody Maison. 7. Industrial Wirework Shelf, £59.95, Live Laugh Love.

Wire Shelf Rack for the home office

Wire Shelf Rack, £75, Grace and Glory

And the golden rule, imho, is don’t overload them. Give things room to breathe. Make sure you can still see the shape and texture of the shelf itself. And display things that are in keeping.

Peg board

Pegboard with Shelves and Pegs, £220, The Modern Nursery.

simple floating shelves

Image via B&Q

And then add a mini cactus or two.




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