Shelf Life and New Towels

I know I can’t be the only one who is constantly arranging and re-arranging shelves around the house. Tell me I’m not? I sometimes joke about rearranging my friends bookcases. Well, it’s no joke. I’ve even been know to start rearranging their furniture! It’s a bit of an addiction really, and the compulsion becomes overwhelming when something new comes into the house. Everything else has to be moved or adjusted, or even banished to another room to make way for the new acquisition.

Dear Designer's Blog - Master Ensuite - Towels from Soak and Sleep

Last week it was the arrival of some new towels from Soak & Sleep. As soon as they were out of the bag I was hot-footing up the stairs to the bathroom to make sure clutter was cleared away and the shelves looked lovely. The towels themselves are exquisite. The BF has been banned from using them and I’m going to pack them away for high days and holidays.

Dear Designer's Blog - Master Ensuite

Sadly my bathroom shelves don’t normally look this pretty but who wants to see toothpaste and shampoo bottles? And as house plants have a shelf life of about two months in my house (I’m a serial murderer when it comes to plants) I will have to re-arrange them soon anyway.

soak and sleep towels

And if you like the look of the Luxury Lightweight Stripe Fouta Towel from Soak & Sleep (£15) they are light to carry and versatile enough to use as a sarong or sunlounger towel, so, perfect to slip into the suitcase for the beach, pool or spa.



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