Sandberg’s Gotheborg Collection of Wallpapers

Götheborg, is brand new from Sandberg and celebrates the busy Swedish port, its heritage and the new cultures, people and ideas it has welcomed over the centuries.

The collection offers an engaging selection of ten wallpaper designs (not all shown here) united by the common thread of travel, its treasures and its experiences. It mixes screen-printed botanical motifs with stripes and checks, textured plains and a very on-trend, digitally printed, trompe l’oeil bookcase design.  My favourite.

Sandberg's Gotheborg Wallpaper - Sara

Eva, below, evokes the exotic design language used by William Morris in many of his most loved patterns. It includes leopards, deer, birds, hares and the Tree of Life, whose roots refer to our heritage and whose branches symbolise fertility and renewal.

Sandberg's Gotheborg Wallpaper - Eva

Maj, below, is inspired by a 19th Century English textile pattern, which had been obtained by a Japanese count who was studying in Germany: his aim was to gather inspiration from the West for wallpaper and textiles manufacture in Japan.

Sandberg's Gotheborg Wallpaper - Maj

And Calle, with its distressed patina, depicts collectors’ items from various Chinese dynasties, dating as far back as the 10th Century when ceramics, calligraphy and painting were flourishing.

Sandberg's Gotheborg Wallpaper - Calle

The collection will be launched in mid August 2013.



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