Rugged Elegance by de Le Cuona

Understated luxury is what we’ve come to expect from de Le Cuona and the latest collection delivers that in spades. Rugged Elegance, comprises eleven new fabrics in over 50 colourways, and uses diverse fibres such as linen, wool, velvet and metallic threads, combined to create layers of beautiful texture. Ethnic inspired patterns are brought to life through a contemporary twist on traditional African designs, while magical paisleys are re-coloured and magnified in an innovative way.

There’s no need for fancy curtain treatments, tassels or beads. The fabrics simply speak for themselves.

de Le Cuona - Rugged Elegance _ bathroom (2)

de Le Cuona Rugged Elegance bedroom

de Le Cuona Rugged Elegance Dining Room

de Le Cuona Rugged Elegance entrance hall -  Landscape

de Le Cuona Rugged Elegance grand window

De Le Cuona was founded in 1992 by South African born Bernie de Le Cuona. Every design and colour way in the collection is inspired by Bernie’s adventures. Whether it be the rugged and natural accents of the African bush, a screen from renaissance Italy or the single antique shawl Bernie uncovered in an archive collection in Kashmir, she is an expert at interpreting these ‘moments’ into superior fabrics that adorn both classic and contemporary interiors. 

March 13, 2015



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