Refresh Your Home With a Quick Lick of Paint

A quick lick of paint really is the easiest, quickest, and least expensive way to give your home a refresh. It doesn’t have to be a major project (although that can be totally transformative), it can be a small update that makes a difference to a room, a garden or even your home’s curb appeal. You don’t have to have extraordinary DIY skills either. Just make sure you do your preparation, with a light sanding down to give the paint something to adhere to, a primer, and a couple of top coats. Make sure you use the correct paint for the job too. There are so many specialist paints now that will make application easier and increase longevity. In fact if you like the effect of chalk paint, which doesn’t need any preparation and will cover anything, it really couldn’t be easier.


Refresh Your Home With a Quick Lick of Paint

Chair in Juniper Green from M&L Paints.

Painting old, tired and out of date furniture couldn’t be more satisfying. By giving it a fresh new colour, you can bring it up to date and create something totally unique. It might be something you have had for years that no longer fits in with your home decor, or something you have picked up second-hand. Either way it’s a much greener way of living and will save you pounds. It’s also a good idea for flat-pack furniture that fits your budget but not your taste. By painting it to fit your scheme, and maybe giving it some new handles, you will have the look you want for less.


Refresh Your Home With a Quick Lick of Paint

Farrow & Ball, Treron No.292 in Estate Eggshell.

It may be daunting to change the colour of your walls, but it will have the biggest impact on your decorating scheme. Before you take the plunge with a brand new colour, paint up some white card in a minimum of three different shades of your chosen colour to test it out. White card is better than painting directly onto the wall, because you can then move the samples round the room at different times of the day. (It’s also quite hard to paint over different colour samples on the wall and will take more coats.) And just go for it! If you don’t like it, you can always change it.

Front Door

Refresh Your Home With a Quick Lick of Paint

Image and plants from Dobbies

First impressions really do count. Even if you aren’t contemplating selling your home any time soon, wouldn’t you like to make a statement with your front door? It’s the first thing visitors see when they arrive after all. Give the knobs and knockers a polish, and plant up some welcoming pots and it will also make you smile every time you return home.


Refresh Your Home With a Quick Lick of Paint

Cuprinol Garden Shades, Natural Stone, Barleywood, White Daisy.

Garden furniture always benefits from a quick spruce up to protect it from the elements so why not introduce some colour too? Sheds, greenhouses, and fences can all be painted too for a coordinated look that will draw you outside on even gloomy summer days.

Get Creative

Refresh Your Home With a Quick Lick of Paint

Annie Sloan with Charleston Chalk Paint in Rodmell, Tilton and Firle with Burgundy and Versailles.

So now you’ve flexed your painting skills, why not get creative? Buy some blank canvases and paint up a masterpiece for a fraction of the cost of artwork in the shops. How else will you use up all of those tester pots you’ve been buying? Or if you’re feeling confident you can create a work of art straight onto the wall!


Refresh Your Home With a Quick Lick of Paint

Assorted Painted Pots by Farrow & Ball

Another way to use up tester pots is to paint up jars, pots, bottles and vases to create your own little vignette. Vary the size and shape of the vessels for the best effect and pop in a few seasonal flowers.


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