Products for a Vintage Inspired Office

Wouldn’t it be satisfying to sit every day at an antique desk? One that has been carved out of solid wood with all of its chunky imperfections and scars? To use things that have been pre-loved in another existence, and just to get daily pleasure out of the natural materials around us?

Design Vintage SS14 - Antique elm desk

It would be even nicer to step away from the electronic organisers and the computer screen once in a while and maybe pick up a stick of chalk? Sharpen the pencils maybe? Jot things down in a notebook? Do you recognise that handwriting? Its been a long time.

Design Vintage SS14 - Blackboard Organiser

And how nice would it be to ditch the plastic and embrace the basketwork, the wire and the paper?

It would be so nice.

Design Vintage SS14

And can someone please give me a reason to justify the £299 price tag on this undeniably beautiful handcrafted stool.

sheepskin stool from limelace

Sources: The Baa stool from Limelace, all other products from Design Vintage.



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