Prints Charming

Prints, especially black and white prints, seem to be everywhere. Inspirational words, quirky illustrations, and photographs, all look better in monochrome, and are an easy way to put a seemingly random collection together. You simply can’t go wrong with a collection of prints, either identically framed or even in an eclectic collection of frames. It’s the content that pulls it all together.

They even have a knack of knitting together a casual grouping of objects on a shelf or sideboard. Something missing? Add a black and white print. Lean it behind a lamp or a vase, and suddenly the picture is complete (yes, a deliberate pun).

And because I am so fond of this fashionable trend, my friends get prints too. Christmas? Birthday? Anniversary? No problem. I’ll get a print. There’s usually one out there that is appropriate for the recipient, they can often be personalised (haven’t made my mind up yet whether this is good or bad) won’t break the bank, and they can easily be sent in the post.

So, you won’t be surprised to learn that prints play a major role in the Heart Home mag shop. And I can’t be the only who loves this look because they are popular amongst our readers too. Not only do we have a fabulous collection from some lovely sellers, we’ve made sure that there is one there to suit everyone.

As usual, just hover over the image for more information or to give yourself a little treat.

But hurry, before I buy them all.




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    Stephanie Bell

    July 2, 2015

    I love these prints, and have to agree a black and white print brings things together to look great. I think my favourite here is the small talk print. 😀

    • Reply


      July 2, 2015

      You’ll have to treat yourself Stephanie 🙂


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