Pretty Storage Ideas from the Camouflage Company

You may have already heard about The Camouflage Company?  Those intrepid two sisters, Louise and Corinne, who started in the back yard by camouflaging garden covers so that they look like part of the scenery.  They then took to the park and countryside and designed picnic bags and rugs that blend into the foliage.

What you may not know is that they now have a range of boxes, caddys, trunks, trays, and all sorts of storage ideas for the home.  And very pretty they are too.

the camouflage co 3

I’m particularly fond of the Indie Chic range.  It’s a gorgeous design that was taken from an ancient Indian textile that the sisters fell in love with on a trip to Rajasthan.

The products however are all wipe clean, water resistant, with strong practical handles, and they fold away flat when not in use.

the camouflage co 1

The Space Saver bag even has a mesh window to show the contents which would be such a time-saver in my house.  I spend far too much time looking for things that I have put away (because I tidy – A LOT!) and often they are never to be seen again.

And I would like my cupboards to look this beautiful on the inside too!

You can also find the Camouflage Company on Facebook.



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