Plans for the Office and Paint by Conran

Paint by Conran l New Sap emulsion

I’m the world’s worst at choosing paint colours for my own home. As I write this, I’m sitting amidst pile after pile of files, books and office paraphernalia. Because next week the office is getting a coat of paint!  At last. And you’d think I would have chosen colours by now, but you’d be wrong. If I was choosing for someone else there would be no problem. But I have to live with it see. And I have to choose wisely because it’s going to affect what colour I choose for the hall. And the bedroom. And the guest bedroom. You see my problem?

Paint by Conran l New Sap and Dropped Pollen

New Sap and Dropped Pollen

The only room relieved of it’s original magnolia so far, is the living room. It’s a beautiful deep grey with a slight tint of green on two walls. The other two are white. Not opposite walls. Adjacent. I wanted a crisp contrast for a modern house and I love it. Even though it’s a nightmare to photograph, I want to continue this theme through the house with colours that have the same tone. So that moving from room to room you can see the connection although the colour has changed. I want deep, pigment rich colours, again, contrasted against snowy white.

Paint by Conran l Salad Leaf

Salad Leaf

And then the latest images for Paint by Conran came my way and I may be a bit closer to making a decision. The colours are warm and welcoming with a deep matt finish. I was originally going to use green on the hall and stairs so thought I had to use another colour in the office, but now I see that salad leaf would look very welcoming as you come through the door. And the office can be a darker green. Yayy.

Paint by Conran l Rainy Slate

Rainy Slate

Navy was my second choice. Not only will two walls be white, but most of my office furniture too, and it could look very smart. Like a business suit contrasted with a starched white shirt. Add in touches of light wood and a few perky plants and it might even be slightly Scandi.

Paint by Conran l New Sap emulsion [2]

New Sap

And I couldn’t resist showing you the image below. What a beautiful colour. Not right for my office (it might send me to sleep), but so restful and romantic for a bedroom. Don’t you think?

Paint by Conran l Dusty Alpine

Dusty Alpine

Well, I thought I was closer to making a decision, but maybe not. Help.



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