Pink to Make the Boys Wink

pink painted brick wallpaper

Edgy in pink wallpaper

I think I’m over my ‘pink phase’. (Well apart from a little relapse recently when I purchased a couple of neon pink prints ) But I’m rather taken with these blush pink offerings from Murals Wallpaper. The rustic concrete, painted brick and fascinating crystal designs are just edgy enough to lessen the girly connotations. I’d like to see it taken one step further, and paired with real industrial furniture, factory lighting and reclaimed wood. Maybe some steel mesh thrown in for good measure. Oh, and ‘downpipe’ painted doors and windows. Maybe then, it will even appeal to the boys too?

pink rustic concrete wallpaper

Pink Modern Concrete

pink painted brick wallpaper

Pink Brick

Quartz pink wallpaper

Rose Quartz

pink crystal wallpaper

Rose Crystal

The murals, which are designed and sold by Murals Wallpaper, utilise modern digital printing techniques and capture the realistic textured effects through HD photography. The prints can then be hung just like normal wallpaper, but make a phenomenal impact.



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