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Working with photographers on Heart Home magazine, I’m always in awe of their professionalism and dedication. Nothing is ever too much trouble, and it doesn’t matter if it takes hours on just one shot (which believe me it felt like sometimes) as long as the end result pleases everyone.

Adam Carter Photo via Dear Designer's Blog (4)

I’ve not worked with Adam Carter personally but I can tell a lot from his portfolio. There is an obvious perfectionism at work in the way his photographs are composed. The play of natural light in his interior photographs exudes an atmosphere that draws you in. The images tell a story. They tantalise the imagination and leave you wanting to know more.

Adam Carter Photo via Dear Designer's Blog (3)

And he’s very versatile. He shoots interiors of course. The examples here speak for themselves but his portfolio is full of lifestyle shots too. Oh, and he loves a wedding. Don’t we all?

Adam Carter Photo via Dear Designer's Blog (5)

In Adam’s own words “The art of photography is a delicate balance of art and science, inspiring the viewer and creating a ‘wow’! I love capturing the ‘wow’ – whether it is meticulously preplanned, with teams of stylists, runners, cooks, models and lighting experts. Or the brief moment when the bride catches the groom’s eye in the midst of the whirlwind of a wedding.”

Adam Carter Photo via Dear Designer's Blog (6)

It makes me want to book another shoot and watch this man at work. To discuss the fall of shadows, the angle of the lens, the exact placement of a pen, a book. What to leave in. What to take out. To watch the reaction of a house owner or interior designer when you show them the results of the shoot. Knowing that the reaction is usually “That can’t be my house.”

Adam Carter Photo via Dear Designer's Blog (9)

I want to work with this man.

This post was written in partnership with Adam Carter but all views are my own.


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    August 5, 2015

    Such wonderfull photos.


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