Perfect Plants for Perfect Kitchens

I have really fond memories of my grandmother’s kitchen. The scrubbed pine table, the old gas cooker, and the smell of apple tart baking in the oven. I also loved the row of geraniums sitting on the windowsill on saucers. Even now, the smell of geraniums takes me back to afternoons sitting at her flour covered table watching her slice apples.

But you don’t have to have a country cottage to enjoys plants in the kitchen. I’m not just talking about a sad, unwatered basil from that dinner party last week either. There’s nothing nicer than the sight of abundant green growth on the countertop, on the table or at the window. So here’s a light-hearted look at kitchen styles and the plants I might use to make them greener.

Plants in the Kitchen via Dear Designer's Blog

The walnut finish of these kitchen units gives them a hint of eastern style. I’d choose plants that are from that part of the world also. Palms and a dragon-tree to give a hint of the tropics and phalaenopsis to add a bit of sophisticated glamour. The assorted cacti would look great on the windowsill or down the middle of the table as an alternative centerpiece.

Plants in the Kitchen via Dear Designer's Blog [2]

A more countrified kitchen would be the perfect excuse for a row of those fragrant geraniums but I would add other types of green foliage and perhaps a fig tree too. It’s the kind of kitchen where you would expect to find an abundant supply of potted herbs too so I’d definitely add those.

Plants in the Kitchen via Dear Designer's Blog [3]

My favourite kind of kitchen. The restrained aesthetics of a painted shaker style. I’d fill it with potted citrus plants, succulents and kalanchoes. As unfussy as the kitchen itself.

What do you have growing in your kitchen.

All of the kitchens shown are from Betta Living.

Plants from a selection at Homebase and Ikea.




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