Paint Your Windows Blue and Green

I’m just a little bit blown away by two new fabrics from French company Elitis.

Elitis - Artemis fabric (1)


Artemis is a profusion of over-sized garden blooms on a lightweight, machine-washable linen. The giant proportions of the flowers give a dreamlike quality to the fabric. The flowers themselves reminiscent of a dutch masterpiece in oils.

Elitis - Artemis fabric (2)

Elitis - Artemis fabric (3)

Talk about bringing the outside in!

Elitis - Algae (4)


Algae is a design of magnified circles with a lovely watercolour effect.

Elitis - Algae (2)

Both fabrics look lovely alone but would look sensational layered with co-coordinating plain linens.

Elitis - Algae (3)

Both designs are available in three colours and can be found in the UK at Abbott and Boyd.

October 9, 2015


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    Chris H. Davis

    November 25, 2015

    I’m not sure if this color scheme is for everyone, but I personally like it. “Bringing the outside in.” is right! Love the linen drapes.


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