Is Your Garden Ready for Spring?

This post was originally posted on 25th February 2019. Amended and re-posted on 12th April 2021.
Spring is certainly taking it’s own sweet time appearing this year. But that’s no excuse for delaying preparations to get the garden ready for the coming seasons.  And just think, if we do the…

A Stylish and Multi-Functional Garden Shed

How’s it going for you after a year of working from home? I’m willing to bet that your interior space is splitting at the seams. And boundaries between work, leisure and family life are getting distinctly blurred. But even if that’s not the case, we could all do with…

New Arrivals This Spring at Graham and Green

Much as I believe in making do with what you already have, sometimes only new will do. And the latest arrivals at Graham and Green are so very tempting.  Earthy tones, organic shapes and natural materials feature prominently. Alongside a mood of nature-inspired escapism and slow, joyful, beautiful living….