Lazy Like a Sunday Afternoon in Amsterdam……….

The weekend started grey and wet but spirits were not dampened at the Meet the Blogger event in Amsterdam.  For some pictures and links pop over to the Heart Home magazine blog.
And then it was Sunday. 

The clouds parted…slowly at first…just enough for a leisurely breakfast, canal side…

and then the…

G’Day Clancy’s Fish Bar……….

Clancy’s Fish Pub in Perth, Western Australia just makes me smile.
Situated overlooking the sand dunes of City Beach, the architect Paul Burnham was given a very tight deadline and an even tighter budget to turn a large uninspiring building into a colourful, family friendly pub.

It’s certainly colourful! 

The project was actually completed…

Majorelle Gardens – Marrakesh……….

I’m off now my lovelies for a short family break.
Hoping for a little less rain than this…

Taken on my I-Phone in the Majorelle Gardens, Marrakesh during our recent trip.

Amazingly the rain just enhanced the brilliant colours even more.

Arianna and Daniel will be holding the fort at
 while I’m away and…

Take Me Away – Ratua Private Island……….

I believe I may have found paradise.

Well not personally of course.  It’s a private island in the Vanuatu Archipelago in the South Pacific where there are three villages and a total of 15 villas to rent.

This beautiful island was ‘discovered’ six years ago by a couple who were sailing…

I Spy – Yas-Ming Ceramics……….

I saw these at Pulse London yesterday and I thought they were cute.

A collaboration between Yasmin Dilekkaya and Ming Wai Sun who work together to create cups and bowls adorned with a selection of animal heads…..and bums.

The bathing cow is my favourite and the chopstick rests manage to look…

Beautiful Booty from Marrakesh……….

Well you didn’t think I’d come home empty handed did you?

Marrakesh really is a shoppers dream.  From the bustling souks in the medina, to the new town, to La  Zone Industrielle there is temptation at every turn.  Everywhere there is a spectacular blaze of colour, tantalising scents and beautiful…

Something for the Weekend……….

The forecast is good!
So dust down those deck chairs, fire up the barbie and have a wonderful weekend!

All from The Handpicked Collection
And just in case you haven’t dropped by the Heart Home magazine blog this week this is what you’re missing…

Candy coloured Maribowls

Website of the Week – Rowen &…

Dark Wonderland……….

A new location has been added to the 1st Option website and I couldn’t wait to share.

Appropriately titled ‘Wonderland’, it’s a stunning combination of gold and black with pops of red and pink.  Even the ceilings have been given a coat of black paint which just helps to make…