Open the Designer Box

How much do we all like to receive gifts in the post?

Designer Box [1]

How would you like to receive a surprise, limited edition designer prezzie once a month for a small subscription of less than 30 euros? That’s the concept behind Designer Box. Members will receive a collector’s edition design object that won’t be available anywhere else. It might be a vase, a mirror, a candlestick… carefully presented in its own numbered wooden case. It’s a unique opportunity to treat yourself or start a design collection, but it also makes a beautiful, original gift  for a loved one you wish to surprise.

Designer Box [2]

In box 21, Ich & Kar have designed a pair of dessert plates for lovers that give an intimation of eternity. Copper rings screen-printed on individual plates make up the infinity symbol when two sweethearts dine side by side. It also includes postcards, goodies and a newspaper specially designed by Ich&Kar.

Designer Box [3]

What a lovely surprise!

March 30, 2015
April 1, 2015



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