On The Tiles Again

I’m absolutely loving the patchwork effect of these Palladio porcelain tiles from Mandarin Stone.

Mandarin Stone Palladio Porcelain Tiles - Grey

A touch of old-fashioned elegance but brought bang up to date by the muted colours and the oversized scale of the tiles.  Each of the four colours (grey, black, blue and brown) boast bold, striking patterns that look equally spectacular on floors or walls. Smaller tiles are sold in sets of nine, whilst the larger option in sets of four.  There are also plain base tiles available to complement the patterned.

Mandarin Stone Palladio Porcelain Tiles -

The smaller tiles look at home in a more country cottage setting whilst the supersized ones look stunning in larger loft like spaces on even on the wall…

Mandarin Stone Palladio Porcelain Tiles - mixed

Very boho chic.

July 1, 2013