Ombre Effect Rugs from Woven Ground

No one can have missed the current trend for ombre effects lately.  From paint effects, to fabrics, to hair even!  Now, I wouldn’t go that far, but I would be very tempted by these rugs from Woven Ground.

Woven Ground - Ember

All the colours of the rainbow, but done with such a subtle touch that they are simply stunning.  I love the styling too.  The rustic wooden stool, the unvarnished boards and the plain walls.  All of this restraint just helps the quiet beauty of the rug stand out even more.

Woven Ground Ebb 1

Maybe a pastel two-tone is more of your thing?

Woven Ground EbbedOr a rug with more neutral colours?

Woven Ground - Lapis

This is my runner-up favourite.  Brighter colours with an almost Moroccan flavour.

Which do you like best?



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