Notes on a Country Cottage

I found myself in H & M Home last week dropping things for the country cottage in a basket. Yes, that country-cottage-that-is-not-quite-ours-yet! I couldn’t help it, I was tempted by the assorted chopping boards, the wooden boxes, wire baskets and crumpled linen. Absolutely perfect for the look I’m planning. BF says I’ll put the mockers on it but I’m sure I’d use them all anyway. That’s my reasoning.

H & M Home [4]

Planning for the next project is something that I always do. I’m sure its the same for any designer. You just can’t stop the ideas that crop up out of nowhere and the thoughts that run through your mind while you’re walking the dog, or taking a bath, or cooking the dinner. Next thing you know you’re on Pinterest creating a new board, or sketching out rough plans.

H & M Home [1]

So, yes I do have a Pinterest board for this project. I’ve just made it public so you can pop over and have a peek. It will be the first time I’ve designed for a holiday rental property so I have to keep my practical head on and the budget is tight. It doesn’t need any real structural work but it does need decorating throughout including a new kitchen and bathroom.

H & M Home [3]

The current owner is leaving all the furniture which might tide us over once the orange pine has been painted, but will eventually be replaced. Carpets are going to be ripped out and stone flooring laid throughout the downstairs. Haven’t decided on the upstairs yet. We’re hoping for some nice floorboards with rugs but if floorboards don’t exist, it will be carpet again. Something with a lot of texture and organic looking.

H & M Home [5]

Colours will be all of the muddy neutrals. I’m not going to be too fussy about colour matching. I want the resulting look to resemble an interior that have evolved over time. There will be mismatched furniture, old prints, enamel pendent lights and lots of texture. But nothing too shabby chic. Definitely no love-hearts hanging from door-knobs. No offence if you love them.

H & M Home [2]

BF asked if he was going to have any say in the decoration of this country-cottage-that-is-not-quite-ours-yet. Short answer was no.

All products and images from H & M Home.

August 4, 2015



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    August 10, 2015

    May I offer a tip as I wasted so much time and learnt the hard way! I read that you intend to paint the “orangey pine” furniture in the place you are buying. May I offer a warning. Chalk paint will NOT cover that pine without bleeding and so it must all have a combined primer undercoat first. I used Zinsser Bin stain blocker and a cheap paint brush that gets thrown away, as can’t really clean this type of paint off the brush. Then I painted with water based egg shell having given up on the famous name chalk paint that has to be soft waxed and left to harden.

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      August 11, 2015

      Thanks for the tips Anna. I must admit I haven’t tried to use chalk paint yet and in the past I have done it just the way you describe. I guess there’s no short cuts when painting furniture 🙂


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