Notes on a Kitchen Makeover

Having found myself with a bit of free time over the weekend, I decided it was time to finalise the plans for the kitchen makeover.

It’s not a big job. The main objective is to put a bit of personality into the room. As I’ve said before, it’s mostly black and white at the moment and the only thing we’ve done since we moved in was install the metro tiles above the worktops. The room is a busy space. It doubles up as the dining room and is also the gateway to the garden. So, it needs to be somewhere pleasant and interesting to dine, as well as a working kitchen. And I’m going for a botanical theme to bring the outside in. After all it is the biggest trend of them all this year.

I also don’t want to replace my old dining table and chairs. I firmly believe you should work with what you have. If furniture no longer fits in with your decorating scheme, either make it work by painting it, sell it to raise the funds to buy new, or give it to someone who will love it. I intend to make it work.

A botanical themed kitchen makeover

Plan of Action

1.Paint the ceiling white and wallpaper all of the walls.

2. Install some much needed vertical blinds at the french windows.

3. Restore the wooden top on the existing dining table and paint the legs black.

4. Hang a black pendant light above the dining table.

5. Accessorise with black, wood, metal and wicker (to bring in the texture on the existing dining chairs).

6. Invest in some new plants and try to keep them alive!

Sources: Palm Jungle Wallpaper by Cole and Son. Rattan Dining Chair from Argos. Hanging Ivy from Blooming Artificial. Black and Brass Pendant Light from John Lewis. Joseph, Joseph Black Breadbin with Cutting Board Lid from Debenhams. Wooden Serving Tray with Metal Handle, Black Canisters with Wooden Lids, Black Wire Basket, and Metal Caddy, all Sainsbury’s Home. Black and White Tile Trevet from Graham and Green. Black Legged Table from Kate Madison.


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    March 8, 2017

    Some great tips. It’s important to find a balance between functionality and personality in this particular space of the house, as you’ll likely spend a fair bit of time in the Kitchen and you want to be inspired whilst you’re there. Definitely considering choosing a neutral colour scheme, particularly for the walls, is a great way to keep it always looking modern.


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