Nighty Nights, Decadent Days, and Our Bedroom Makeover

Bedroom Makeover - Create a room that you don't want to leave

Bedroom Makeover - Create a room that you don't want to leave

It’s been a while in the making. Our new bedroom. And it still isn’t finished. But it’s finished enough to share some bits of it. And it’s finished enough that I wake up every morning and feel that I don’t want to leave. And I can’t wait to jump into bed each night either. So instead of just sharing some pictures and telling you how it all came about – well, I might share a bit of that too. I’m going to instead, share my tips on creating a bedroom that you don’t want to leave. Whatever your style. Because when it comes down to it, I think we all want need to feel pampered and special. And especially in the bedroom.

Bedroom Makeover – The Basics

Bedroom Makeover - Create a room that you don't want to leave

There are a few things to consider before choosing paint colours and buying accessories. And it’s all to do with the bed. Because we all know how much time we spend in it, and we all know that our comfort and even our health depend on us choosing the right one. Personally I prefer a soft headboard, and one that is big enough to rest against comfortably even when I’m sitting up. More important than that however, is the mattress. Our new one is from Sleepbear and we couldn’t be happier with it. It’s firmer than we’re used to, but that came as a very pleasant surprise. And it’s higher too, which is great – I shouldn’t be talking aesthetics here – but it looks grander and more substantial when it’s made up. The mattress might very well be the main reason I don’t want to leave my bed in the morning.

Bedroom Makeover – Room to Breathe

Bedroom Makeover - Create a room that you don't want to leave

I’m very lucky that our bedroom is quite large. It occupies the entire floor at the top of the house and is naturally zoned into the main bedroom, the dressing area, and the en-suite. But whatever the size of your bedroom I think it’s important not to crowd it out with furniture. The bedroom is for relaxing in, and I’m dead against using it for anything but that. I know that isn’t possible for everyone, but try not to use the bedroom for working in. It prevents you from truly turning off. I don’t have a TV in mine, I’m that strict about it and don’t even like to turn on TV’s when I’m staying in hotels.

Bedroom Makeover – Choose Colours that Promote Relaxation

Bedroom Makeover - Create a room that you don't want to leave

There is some science that can help with colour choice, which is very easy to look up. I think I once read that yellow is the hardest colour to promote relaxation. Red isn’t so great either. But I think it’s all down to personal choice. We all know which colours make us feel good and which colours we really cannot live with. I’ve gone with a basis of black and white with a smattering of other neutrals because I think I won’t tire of it too soon. And I’m having a bit of a love affair with black at the minute. It’s had the effect of making the room lovely and bright during the day and cosy and intimate by night. There was a practical reason too for the half-and-half walls. We have sloping ceilings at either end of the room and lots of angled walls. We could have chosen to emphasise them, but I decided that the black half-wall all around the space actually brings the zones together and unites them, while at the same time minimising the low ceiling.

Bedroom Makeover – Don’t Stint on the Comfort Factor

Bedroom Makeover - Create a room that you don't want to leave

This is something that hotels know how to do. And why we feel so pampered when we stay in one. They use the comfiest goose down pillows and duvets, and the best quality cotton sheets that they can. And it’s an experience you can easily replicate at home. I also like to have a throw at the end of the bed which can be a very welcome addition on the coldest of nights, and lots of decorative cushions. They not only look good. They can also come in very handy when you snuggle down for a good read, or breakfast in bed. And just to make them extra cosy, I like to use tactile fabrics like silk or fur. And don’t forget that soft rug at the side of the bed, and a warm bathrobe hanging somewhere handy.

Bedroom Makeover – Remember to Consider the Lighting

Bedroom Makeover - Create a room that you don't want to leave

The bedroom is possibly the most important room in the house when it comes to controlling the lighting. Some people need blackout blinds so that they can sleep for longer during the summer months, while some (me included) like to wake up to daylight. We have plantation shutters because we do have a problem with bright sunlight in the eyes sometimes and they are perfect for controlling the amount of light flooding into a room. Even more importantly, at night, you will probably want a good reading light by the side of the bed, as well as a more effective light for dressing and getting ready to go out. Fairy lights are also lovely for creating atmosphere and are much safer than candles in the bedroom.

Bedroom Makeover – The Finishing Touches

Bedroom Makeover - Create a room that you don't want to leave

This is where you can really go to town on the little things that make all the difference. Surround yourself with the things that you love. A pile of reading material by the side of the bed. Sweet smelling toiletries that look as good as they smell. Family photo’s. A scented candle (just remember to blow it out before dropping off). Finally, a radio or speaker, if you like to fall asleep (or wake up) to music.

Bedroom Makeover - Create a room that you don't want to leave

Sweet Dreams.

Collaborative Post with Sleepbear who use pure latex in their mattresses and pillows. The real deal. Sleepbear’s simply innovative mattress design is the result of the clever combination of 3 layers. The latex top layer gives the mattress its cool feel, special bounce and cloud like comfort.



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    December 20, 2016

    Carole your bedroom looks amazing. The latex pillows and mattress sound wonderful too. Love your tufted headboard bed.

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      December 21, 2016

      Thanks Geraldine. xx


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