New Ways To Use The Humble Pendant Light

There’s no excuse for hanging a pendant light from the centre of the ceiling when there’s so many other ways to use them. And there’s no reason to use just one when there are so many stunning designs to choose from.

Hang Low

New Ways To Use The Humble Pendant Light

A pendant light that is hung too high will create a flat light across the room. Fine if that’s the effect you’re after, but not very atmospheric, and not very effective either. Much better to hang your pendant lights lower, where the light will be directed precisely where you need it. Even better if you use two (or even three) smaller lights as shown above. These are the mouth-blown glass Northern Lighting Unika Pendant Lights from Nest.

Triple the Effect

New Ways To Use The Humble Pendant Light

Hanging a pendant light above the dining table is not a new idea, but so much more stunning if you use three. Hang them at different heights and if you are using different lights make sure they have something in common. Here the three lights are all hand-blown glass hanging on chains with brass details. *See below for details of other items from Perch and Parrow.

Bedtime Stories

New Ways To Use The Humble Pendant Light

Hanging pendant lights low either side of the bed, creates a pleasing symmetry and frees up space on the bedside table for other essential items. Make sure there is a switch within reach of the bed though. No one wants to get out of bed to turn off the lights. These are the May pendants from Original BTC.

All in a Row

New Ways To Use The Humble Pendant Light

An alternative to hanging a cluster of lights above the dining table, is to use a row of pendant lights. This time in a row, hanging at the same height. A better solution for a rectangular shaped dining table as it throws light down the entire length. These are Hex Box Pendant Weathered Brass lights from Davey Lighting (available from Original BTC).

Re-Centre It

New Ways To Use The Humble Pendant Light

There are still occasions when a single pendant light is the best solution. In this case a pared down design, centred in a bay window, creates a simply lovely picture. This is the Davey Lighting Point Pendant Opal Glass, also available from Original BTC.

Create a Feature Wall

New Ways To Use The Humble Pendant Light

There are so many beautiful pendant light designs around it’s a shame to just use them to light up a room! Enamel Shades have used three disc shaped lights in black and brass to make a feature above a sideboard. The sculptural shapes stand out perfectly against the plain white wall making a feature of them even when they are not illuminated.

Over Breakfast

New Ways To Use The Humble Pendant Light

A breakfast bar is also a great place to hang a row of lights. Not only do they provide task lighting where it’s needed, it’s also a perfect excuse for introducing stunning design. If you are shy of hanging three perfectly lined up single lights, why not opt for a single pendant light that does the work for you like this 3 Light Bar Pendant from the Dar Lighting Group?

*Sadie Drinks Cabinet in Black £870, Theon Dining Chair in Brown (set of two), £270, Ximena Tasselled Wool Rug £210, Zuma Large Handwoven Rug £380, Amara Patterned Rug in Cream & Silver £210, Faux Cactus in Concrete-Effect Pot (comes as a set of two) £79, Ella Patterned Throw £38, Penhryn Mirror in Bronze £110.


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    Cream Furniture

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    Amazing ideas. I love this. Everything looks very beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

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      Thank you. Glad you liked it. 🙂


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