New Wall Tile Trends That Are Anything But Utilitarian

Much as I still love the plain white metro (underground, subway, whatever you like to call it) tile, it has become a bit too commonplace. Still popular with clients, but if you’re looking for something a bit more decorative and non-utilitarian you’ve come to the right place. While I was researching new wall tile trends recently, I started to notice that finishes are starting to become a whole lot more glamorous. Deeper colours are creeping in, tile shapes are more striking, and there’s a definite luxurious aesthetic for those who are confident and bold enough to use them. In fact, many of the tiles I’ve been looking at could be used in any room in the house, not just the kitchen and bathroom.

Jewel-Like Colours

New Wall Tile Trends in Jewel-like colours

Oops I seem to have made a teal tile my first choice. I told you I was obsessed with the colour. But seriously these handmade terracotta tiles have a richness and depth of colour that is mesmerising. The hexagon shape fully embraces a fresh geometric approach to surface design and I’d quite happily use these to tile a chimney breast, let alone a bathroom or kitchen. Because they are made in a traditional way, each tile is slightly different and it’s this non-uniform effect that gives them even more charm. They are from Domus Tiles and I love this range of tiles so much I’ve used a few examples in this post. And what would I use with them? Equally dark painted surfaces, a warm wooden floor, a deep pile rug in black and white, geometric shaped patterns in strong colours, and accents of copper.

Striking Patterns

New Wall Tile Trends in Striking Shapes

Another new shape with hints of Morocco is this curved T-drop, also from Domus. It has a beautifully glamorous effect in a warm, metallic tone. The satin sheen finish reflects the light, displaying highlights of molten gold. The combination of the bronze gold colour and soft, organic shape certainly creates a sumptuous, elegant style. Couldn’t you just imagine this as a feature wall in a dining room, where candlelight would bounce off the glaze? I’d either add Moroccan lanterns and layered carpets, or go the other way with a contemporary table surrounded by chairs upholstered in a bright coloured velvet. Orange maybe. Or Ochre.

Opulent Glazes

New Tile Trends - Opulent Glazes

The Winchester Metropolitan Field Tile from Original Style has a lustrous, iridescent finish that could certainly be used in any room in the house. High traffic hallways come to mind, where bikes, prams and general family life take their toll on wallpapered or painted walls. I can imagine a hallway tiled to dado rail level with paint or paper above. This pretty lavender colour would look lovely with an equally pretty damask wallpaper in a similar pastel hue. Add a crystal chandelier or wall lights, and a huge Venetian mirror, and the busiest corridor in the house immediately becomes elegant and glamorous.

Mirror, Mirror

wall tile trends - mirrored glass

Nothing could be more glamorous than mirrored wall tiles and these hexagonal ones with beveled edges certainly deliver on that score. These are more decorative than practical anyway (not recommended for very wet areas such as showers and wet rooms), so I’d definitely find another home for them. How about the two recesses either side of the chimney breast? Perfect. With a slightly art-deco feel they’d throw light around and effectively double the size of the room. I might even hang art in front of them and place in front a small side table with a vase of flowers. Symmetrical, traditional, and very Hollywood. These are from My Furniture.

Ice, Ice, Baby

new wall tiles - ice, ice, baby

If you can’t imagine your wall tiles in any colour other than white, but you’ve been tempted by the new shapes and sheens, these might be for you. Another tile from Domus Tiles. They are simple, clean looking, and quite minimalist but still out of the ordinary. They would certainly enhance a Scandinavian aesthetic with bleached wooden floors, neutral but chunky textiles and a green plant or two.

Do any of these take your fancy?


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