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When Posterlounge invited me to choose some art prints from their site I jumped at the chance. If there’s one thing my home needs, it’s more art. A three storey town house has a lot of wall space to fill let me tell you. And although I did already have a selection of prints when I moved in, most of it is still in the bottom of the wardrobe waiting to be hung. I’m just torn with indecision. Although I still love every single one of them (mostly travel souvenirs, so quite personal), they’re not large enough to make an impact on my many walls. And the thought of hanging them all as a gallery scares the hell out of me.

The last time I shopped for prints, I have to admit I played it quite safe. Desolate landscapes, botanical prints, and black and white maps fell very easily into my shopping basket. They fit my existing colour scheme at home and they don’t shout for attention. They are accessories, not statements. But this time I wanted to step out of my comfort zone and choose some prints that made a real impact and that would cheer up my yet-to-be-decorated bedroom.

Now here’s the first predicament

cactus art print - gorgeous with pastels

Cactus Art Print from Posterlounge

Posterlounge have a very large selection, so this was not an easy task. Enjoyable, but not easy. You can choose art by subjects, room, art-styles, and artists. Which is great if you know your own mind and have a pretty good idea of what you’re looking for. Which I didn’t. So I clicked on the ‘inspiration’ tab and the wonderfully put-together collections started to get the creative juices flowing.

colourful art prints - inspired by Native Americans and Mexico

Native Americans or Mexico Art Prints from Posterlounge

I was drawn to ‘Cactuses‘, ‘Mexico‘, and ‘Native Americans‘ but wasn’t sure that they would really fit in with everything else I own. I may aspire to living in Southern California, but actually I live in Essex. And like those colourful trinkets you buy on holiday in some Mediterranean coastal resort. They look wonderful in the sunshine, but garish in our Northern light. In the end I chose two canvases by Mark Ashkenazi and I absolutely love them. They’re so vibrant. And although one of them is ‘botanical’, it’s bold and colourful.

bold and colourful art prints - botanical, roses, black and white geometric shapes

Mark Ashkenazi Art Prints from Posterlounge

Now here’s the second predicament

These two beautiful posters will no doubt cheer up my rather lack lustre bedroom but there’s no way I’m going to hang them until the rest of the room does them justice. There’s nothing else for it. I’m going to have to get decorating fast. Which means dealing with the sloping ceilings (do you highlight them, or try to disguise them?), the sizeable footprint (there’s a large bedroom, leading through to a dressing area, leading to an en-suite), the mish-mash of furniture already there (it seems to have been the last resting place for anything I didn’t know what to do with), and all of the styles that are floating round in my head at any one given time.

So, here’s the plan

Minimise the sloping ceilings by painting the lower half of the walls black, and the upper half and the ceiling white. As in this lovely workspace. Divide the bedroom from the dressing area with a pretty, black lace curtain. Add my new art, plus some existing black and white prints of Marilyn Monroe that I already have. Keep my old pink console table in the dressing area and add some pink highlights to the bedroom. Probably with some new bedding, or even just new pillowcases with my existing white duvet sets. Add plants. Lot’s of them. To inject a bit of bohemian style. And add some baskets to take it even further down that route. And voila!



Now I just have to do it.

Other sources:

Rich Black and Absolute White Paints by Dulux. Pink Console Table from Wayfair. Marilyn Monroe Photograph also by Posterlounge. Indoor Plants from Ikea. Jute rugs, basket, bedding, cushions and trinket box all from Zara Home.

This post was written in partnership with Posterlounge, who have a wide range of posters, art prints, and canvases comprising more than 300,000 images.



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    September 1, 2016

    soo beautiful, I love the frida kahlo print, and the colours picked from her signature flower crown.

  2. Reply

    Edna Reed

    September 1, 2016

    Glad you looked for prints at Posterlounge. It’s a great place to browse for decorative arts. I got this really cool artwork with beautiful quote for a good price.

  3. Reply

    karen Jones

    August 22, 2016

    ohh absolutely love your choice ! and love the fact that you will now have to entirely redecorate.

    ahh any excuse.

    • Reply


      August 23, 2016

      Absolutely Karen. Any excuse 🙂

  4. Reply


    August 22, 2016

    I love it Carole – the pink and black, geometrical and botanical, and lots of plants – it will look fab!

    • Reply


      August 23, 2016

      I’m hoping so Molly. 🙂


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