Never Enough Storage in the Bedroom

For me, it’s very important that the bedroom is the one room in the house that is calming and peaceful.  It’s a place for sleeping, dreaming, reading and romance, and the occasional afternoon nap.  The TV is banned in our bedroom at home.

So it’s equally important that it is neat and tidy with plenty of storage.  There is nothing peaceful and calming about clearing the bed of yesterdays clothes before sliding between the sheets and sinking into oblivion!

Storage doesn’t have to be purpose-built so long as it is sufficient for all your needs. There are lots of shops now dedicated to finding a storage solution for even the smallest of our possessions and there is plenty of advice available about how to make the best use of space.  I have a free-standing wardrobe at home but I have stacked shoe boxes under the hanging space so that my shoes are easily accessible and I have hung hooks on the insides of the doors for my jewellery.  Whatever works for you.

It’s always advisable to have at least one chest of drawers for folded items and your ‘smalls’ and anyway the top provides a fabulous excuse to display some of your prettiest things.  Turn it into a dressing table with a mirror and a vase of fresh flowers.  An indulgence but hey, you’re worth it.

Make sure that your bedside tables have storage too.  That way they become multifunctional and you always have to hand the things that you need without even leaving the bed.

It’s always worth considering storage beds too.  The space under a bed can then be put to good use for your out of season clothes or extra bedding.

And now that you have sorted out the bedroom storage I guarantee you the best nights sleep you’ve ever had.

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    Tom @ shelving units

    December 7, 2012

    Hi both, I agree Shelly you can never have enough storage. I personally am a minimalist, so I keep my room as simple as possible with an artistic flare to show my personality. I think that’s why I like the 6th photo the best, might have to try the white theme!

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    December 6, 2012

    One can never have enough storage, I agree, but it’s absolute key to have an uncluttered space where you sleep and perfect timing for those guest bedrooms during the holidays! The first picture of the bedroom in the converted attic space, designed by Peter Fallico, was my VERY FIRST inspiration photo for my bedroom and to this day I still refer back to it! Classic and timeless! Great post Carole:)


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