My Ideal Garden Style

I have a hankering after an old fashioned type of garden. I’m not talking about picket fences and benches made from fallen branches (although they can also be lovely in the right setting), I’m talking about naturally aged wood fences, recycled apple crates, brick, and old metal.

Garden Trading Aldsworth potting table £240, Wooden sign £12, Colworth herb box £22, Wooden seed tray £10, Large and small seed box in clay £6 - £10 mailable

Aldsworth potting table £240, Wooden sign £12, Colworth herb box £22, Wooden seed tray £10, Large and small seed box in clay £6 – £10

It’s the kind of look that does lend itself to a country garden admittedly, but I think it can also work in the city, in suburbia and even on a balcony. It’s more of a way of life than a style statement. It’s about cherishing those tools so that they last for years, recycling and reusing pots and taking cuttings from friends instead of running off to the garden centre every time a bare patch appears in the flower bed.

Garden Trading Florist vase, large £18 medium £15 and small £12 mailable

Florist vase, large £18 medium £15 and small £12

It does take time to create this kind of garden and that’s the only downside.  Not just in the hours you have to dedicate to its welfare but also in the number of years it will take to mature. But in my dream of dreams I have the time to do this. I will put aside time to tend my little plot. I’ve already started off a tray or two of cuttings and time will tell if they will root and grow.

Garden Trading - Garden Essentials

Bonfire fork, £35, hanging sign, £4.50, wooden rake, £16, tool hook rail, £24, thermometer, £20, string jar and jute string, £12, set of 6 herb garden markers in slate £9.50

I’m collecting tins to use as planters and wooden crates to use as shelves, tables and well, just crates. I’m going to banish plastic, clean up my tools and sort out a corner of the garage where everything will have its place.

I’ll be growing veggies next!

All items shown available from the Garden Trading.

July 23, 2014



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    July 24, 2014

    I love this look also and think it would still work as an extension of a modern/contemporary interior, but then I am all about contradictions and mixing old and new! I was in Paris recently and there was a beautiful ‘country garden’ outside a very modern building. Think living walls, mosses and ferns in rusted window boxes attached to old silvered wood panels.

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      July 24, 2014

      Sounds absolutely lovely 🙂


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