Moving Through the Seasons with Sian Zeng Wallpaper

Classic Summer Tropical Bloom wallpaper

Sian Zeng Seasons Collection of Wallpaper

I’ve featured Sian Zeng wallpaper designs before so you already know I’m a big fan. But I’ve never featured the Seasons Collection. Until now. Which is strange because the Classic Summer Tropical Bloom wallpaper is one of my all time favourites. And there’s that word again. Tropical. But the Sian Zeng ‘tropical’ design was around way before the big trend took hold and it’s one that I don’t think I’ll ever tire of.

Classic Summer Tropical Bloom wallpaper

Classic Summer Tropical Bloom

It’s a brave choice to be sure. It’s bursting with colour, detail and large scale pattern. Carefully-drawn flowers contrast with loose painterly brush strokes to create a contemporary twist on traditional botanical studies. And look closer, because jewel-toned beetles make their home in a backdrop of vivid summer blooms and dense tropical forest. I do actually know one brave blogger who has used it to stunning effect not just on her wall by also on her furniture. See here. Kimberly, you know who you are.

But don’t stop looking there because there are three other seasons to explore.

The Classic Seasons Spring wild rain wallpaper

Classic Spring Wild Rain

The Classic Spring Wild Rain wallpaper is equally beautiful. Just as detailed, with with an artistic mural like feel as a flood of colourful drips mimic rain pouring down on a tropical forest. I haven’t seen it in the flesh, so to speak, but I’m sure I’d want to walk up and feel it. Just to make sure it wasn’t really wet.

Classic Seasons Autumn Cloud Forest Wallpaper

Classic Autumn Cloud Forest

And if you are timid about so much colour, Autumn and Winter might be up your street. The Classic Autumn Cloud Forest wallpaper brings the atmospheric beauty and calmness of autumn into your home with a simplistic black and white colour palette. And The Classic Winter Snowdrift wallpaper (not shown here. Pop over to the website to have a peek) features a silent snowstorm that frosts the winter sky with an enchanted, glistening blanket.

And a little extra for you. Because I love it so much. The Tropical Blooms are available on a print too.

Tropical Bloom Print

Tropical Bloom Print

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