Meet Cubert – A Minimalist Lamp with the Power to Multitask

Oh, how we all like to multitask. Or even if we don’t, our lives demand that we become experts in the talent just to get us through the day. Gone are the days when we went to work for eight hours and left all chores to the weekends. Working weeks have spread into the weekends; so likewise, household chores have to fit into our working life like never before. Yesterday for example, I wrote two articles, sourced products for a design project, answered I don’t know how many emails and spent necessary time on social media, all in between putting the washing in, ordering the groceries online, walking the dog and cooking the dinner. I’m not even including the dozens of little tasks throughout the day.

The Cubert Lamp (5)

The Cubert from Colebrook Bosson Saunders

So, when I saw the Cubert (awarded with Red Dot honourable mention, 2015) multitasking lamp that looked as if it might be as hardworking as me, I needed to know more. It looks so compact and neat for starters. Just the sort of lamp that would fit in nicely in a minimalist scheme. Or any other type of interior come to that. That’s the nice thing about seriously minimalist design. If it serves a real purpose and looks discreet it wouldn’t even look out of place in a period home filled with antiques.

The Cubert Lamp (9)

But Cubert does so much more than cast light. Which if does very well by the way. The intricate high quality LED bulb comes with four touch-activated dimmer settings and uses high efficiency, long life cool white LEDs in a head that can tilt and rotate to suit a user’s preferences. There is no glare and there is an even distribution of illumination without casting a shadow.

The Cubert Lamp (7)

But, Cubert also provides a charging facility featuring two mains sockets and two smart USB power outlets for laptops, tablets, mobile phones and more. The inbuilt intelligent USBs recognize your principal device, meaning that if both ports are in use, the first device to be plugged in is given primary charging provision.

The Cubert Lamp (1)

It also has minimal impact on surface space as you can see. A real bonus for neat freaks. There’s always a shortage of space on my bedside table and as it’s where I normally re-charge my phone I could imagine the Cubert being a real space-saver. Or in the office it could do triple duty of powering the laptop, charging the phone and giving a very soft light. Cutting down on cables is always a good idea.

Who said males can’t multitask?

This post has been written in partnership with Colebrook Bosson Saunders who from their global offices in the UK, Australia and the USA, supports a world-wide network of manufacturers, dealers and distributors. Through these partnerships, their products have been installed in some of the most high profile international design projects. 

November 4, 2015



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