Martha Stewart at Staples

I am a bit of a tidy freak and I do like a little wander down the isles of a certain stationery store from time to time looking for anything that might make life that little bit more organised.  So imagine my excitement on discovering that Martha Stewart, that award-winning, bestselling, inspiring pioneer of practical stylish living is now available at Staples.

Yes, it’s true!  No longer do us Brits have to worship from afar, growing more and more envious of our cousins across the pond who have Martha on tap.  We can now pop down to our local Staples to stock up on a very versatile collection of Martha Stewart Home Office products to organise all those cluttered areas of our homes.

The whole range is finished in soft blues and warm chocolate browns to mix and match and a beautiful shagreen style finish to add just a touch of elegance.

I might need a basket next time I visit.  Or maybe a trolley?



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