Maker Spaces by Emily Quinton

If you love looking at other peoples homes. As I do. You will no doubt have deduced by now that the homes of creative people are by far the most visually stimulating. It’s in their genes to express themselves in their environment and they are often the most inventive people too. They take a pride in re-inventing objects to offer practical and aesthetic solutions and the results are often full of inspiration for us too.

Inge Cremer

Dining Room of Inge Cremer, Interior Stylist and Felt Artist, Netherlands

Vicky Trainor

Kitchen of Vicky Trainor, Textile Artist, Northumberland, England

Maker Spaces by Emily Quinton takes peeking into peoples homes one step further. After exploring every nook and cranny of each designer-maker’s little nest, she then turns to their studios and work spaces, to see how they organise and decorate that space too. And how very organised they all are!  There are lots of ingenious tips for keeping things tidy and they all look amazingly beautiful too.

Anna Joyce, Portland

Workspace of Anna Joyce, Textile Designer, Portland, Oregon

Maartje van den Noort

Sitting Room of Maartje van den Noort, Illustrator, Amsterdam

The book is divided into Rustic, Homespun, Retro-Chic and Eclectic, so there is something for everyone. Or if you’re like me, there is something in each section that resonates and enthralls. There is also a very handy section that explores the secrets of makers, how they make their business work in an increasingly competitive world, and tips for turning a hobby into a business.

Sarah Owen, San Francisco

Bedroom of Sarah Owen, Artist and Interior Designer, Oakland, California

Dive in and enjoy.


Maker Spaces by Emily Quinton, photography by Helen Cathcart, published by Ryland Peters & Small rrp £19.99.


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    May 1, 2015

    I also love looking at other peoples homes. It’s inspiring but I know with so many ideas there’s little chance to implement all of them in my dream home. But I love taking a look at how inspired others have been when decorating their homes.


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