Make You Smile Style from Bright Bazaar

Hope you had a lovely weekend my lovelies with lots of down time and lots of chocolate!

I had a relaxing time pottering around the new house, entertaining family, and planning what to do with the garden. But more of that later. First I have to tell you about the highlight of last week – the long awaited launch of friend and fellow blogger Will Taylors first book – Bright Bazaar.

For lovers of colour, and that’s all of us right? This is definitely the book to dive into anytime the taste buds need a little bit of inspiration. Or a little bit of colour confidence if you are thinking of making the jump into a brighter home for the first time.

Bright Bazaar Book 1

Will’s Ten Steps to Colour Confidence guides us through the planning stage of deciding which colour where, and coaxes us into being braver with our choices. Probably all of us could do with a bit of a push at this stage to step out of our comfort zone and this is the book to give it.

Bright Bazaar Book 2

Then, there are ten different colour cocktails in all. Each one inspired by Will’s own personal travel photographs – is there anything this guy can’t do?

Bright Bazaar Book 3

Then comes the room analysis, the helpful moodboards and tips from the master. There are so many great colour combinations here it was hard to choose but I was particularly smitten with the Candy Crush, the Lime Divine (above) and the Lavender Lick (below).

Bright Bazaar Book 4

So, then when we are all pumped up ready to rush out and buy the paintbrushes, the book explores specific colour ideas for every room in the house. And for me this is the best bit. It beats peering through curtains. I love a good nosey around other peoples homes.

Bright Bazaar Book 5

Readers of Will’s popular blog will already be familiar with his zest for life and colour. Everything he does inspires us to look on colour as our friend, and his travels, cooking experiments and diy projects leave us breathless. How he crams so much into each day is a mystery! So, it’s no surprise that his first book is a mighty tome of personality, helpful tips and inspiration. One I will be delving into for some time.

Bright Bazaar is available to buy on Amazon.

All of the interiors were photographed by friend and regular contributor to Heart Home magazine, Andrew Boyd.



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