Make a Statement with a Rug

I’ve said it before, but I’ll say it again. There is no easier way of injecting colour and pattern into a room than by adding a rug. And it’s never been easier to find the exact look and feel that you’re after when there are so many websites around where you can browse by colour, size or name. Below I’ve chosen just a few available in the Scion range from The Rug Seller.

Scion - Mr Fox via The Rug Seller

I couldn’t resist including Mr Fox, he’s so cheeky. I’m not suggesting you go overboard with matching wallpaper but he does add a certain humour to a scheme and there’s nothing childish about the colours. I’d add mid-century furniture and perhaps tone down the colours in the rest of the room so that he’s the main star.

Scion - Kaleido-260001via The Rug Seller

The Kaleido is not shy at coming forward. Great blocks of colour in an abstract pattern that is a real show-stopper. You could choose one of the colours in the rug to accent the rest of the decorative scheme or you could really go for it as the image shows. Be careful adding other colours and patterns with this rug however as they must be of the same bright and bold tone. Patterns should also be bold and graphic. Pastels will look insipid and floral patterns will definitely not go.

Scion - Groove rug via The Rug Seller

As the name suggests, Groove is kinda … groovy. It’s not just suitable for contemporary schemes however. I think this would work just as well in a more traditional room and in a room where there is a mixture of old and new it would be the perfect transitional piece.

Scion Medini-259011via The Rug Seller

If stripes are your thing I’d go for the Medini. The lovely colour palette shown above is a bit more subtle and easy to live with and very easy to coordinate. The image shows how easy it would be to add other patterns in curtains and wallpaper and create a room that looks timeless and elegant.

Scion - Navajo rug via The Rug Seller

And this one has to be my favourite. The Navajo is bright, bold and sunny. I love the colour combinations and would have a lot of fun creating a scheme with this rug as the starting point.

Before you go…

I’m often asked about the correct size rug and I’ve found the perfect guide here.



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    June 27, 2015

    Dear Carole, I cannot agree more.The easiest way to inject colour into a room is by adding the right rug with the right pattern.

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    January 21, 2015

    Mr Fox would be SO welcome in my lounge… So! love him!


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