Mads Mikkelsen Stars in a New BoConcept Film

They are both Danish. And you know how I feel about Danes and Danish style! They both have worldwide appeal. And they both ooze with style, charm and elegance. So what’s not to love about this new film which is more than just an advertorial, it’s a thrilling drama between two passionate actors in a beautiful setting that – of course – is created by BoConcept.

The film is shot on location in Valencia, Spain where BoConcept designer Morten Georgsen opened his beautiful villa to a film crew for 6 days. The open-plan villa is a huge open space, with big windows and a great view, and it created the perfect setting. ‘It was a thrill to see my house and some of my own designs being part of a great drama with a star like Mads Mikkelsen in the lead role.’ Morten Georgsen has designed the house himself using levels and different types of flooring as well as an impressive staircase to define areas in the big open space. The outdoor space has become an integral part of the house where there are lots of different rooms to relax and dine al fresco while enjoying the amazing view. The outdoor lighting was also crucial to create the right ambience for the film.


The Mezzo sofa has a central role in the film and it is perfect for the job with big seats and cushions, and dressed in exclusive stone-coloured leather. The film ends with Mads Mikkelsen lounging in the most iconic chair from BoConcept of course; the Imola chair.


There’s also a beautiful scene in the bedroom where Mads looks into his classy wardrobe (note the black Adidas suits that are carefully lined up) with black glass that reflects him and the luxurious Mezzo bed in the background.


Win your own home makeover

If you want to live like Mads Mikkelsen in the film THE CALL, you now have the chance to win your own personal interior decoration service and BoConcept furniture to go with it for the value of £7,500. You can enter the competition at

March 2, 2015



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