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It’s a new (well, fairly new) website dedicated to bringing fresh new design to the public at up to 70% off typical high street prices.  They don’t have any warehouses, shops or middlemen and so they can pass on any savings to the customers without compromising on quality.  And if this sounds too much like a press release (which it isn’t), all I can say is that having seen the furniture up close and actually sat on most of it I’m absolutely sold on the ethos of this company and I love the designs. 10

The way it works is this.

There’s no stock room, everything is made to order.  Every seven days all of the orders are combined and the pieces are put in to production.  No waste you see.  And you can track your order at every step.  It may take a little longer than ordering off the ‘shelf’ but that’s the only downside.  Neither does it mean you can’t return it if you are not 100% happy either. 11

Works for me.

May 31, 2013



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