Luxurious Restaurant Decorating Ideas You Can Use at Home

Alto Restaurant designed by Tom Dixon

metallic walls and plush pink seating almost detract from the spectacular view

Restaurants (and hotels) can be great sources of inspiration when looking for decorating ideas for the home. They are not confined by the practical considerations we have to work with it’s true, but they often make grand gestures that can be adapted on a smaller scale, and used to give our own schemes more impact. Luxurious, high-end restaurants, may have had high-end budgets, but when did we ever let a small thing like £££’s curb our creativity?

This is the new Alto Restaurant, a contemporary grill in Hong Kong with spectacular views inside and out. It has been designed by Design Research Studio under the creative direction of Tom Dixon, and as you’d expect, lighting plays a huge part in the overall design. Inspiration was taken from the four elements of, fire, water, air and earth resulting in a scheme of high-contrast, which I particularly love.

blackened wood walls, a cluster of metallic lights and plush blue seating

Decorating Ideas 1

Experiment with textures. Here blackened wood on the walls provides a matt, black backdrop against which, the other textures sing. A cluster of metallic pendants add shine and the plush, deep cobalt blue seating adds softness and a dense colour pop.

Decorating Ideas 2

A trio of lights above a circular table delineates the dining area and looks pleasing to the eye when hung at different heights. This would be particularly effective in an open-plan space where zoning is needed.

metallic walls and luxurious pink seating

Decorating Ideas 3

By contrast, a long narrow table calls for a row of single pendants. They have been hung a little high in this situation so as not to block the view out of the picture windows, but hung lower they would create a soft pool of light that would illuminate only the table.

Decorating Ideas 4

A metallic wall will reflect light during the daytime and bounce it around. After dark, it will become much more moody and cosy, reflecting lamp light and the soft glow of candles.

luxurious restaurant design ideas

Decorating Ideas 5

A change of flooring is not the only way to separate areas in an open-plan space. A different ceiling treatment works just as well and can be much more dramatic. Remember to mirror textures, colour, or treatments in both areas. Here the black leather banquettes on the left hand side have been mirrored by the leather chairs on the right. Similarly, the colour of the light treatments is the same although the shapes are different.

stunning pendants light a narrow black staircase

Decorating Ideas 6

A narrow staircase can be given the wow factor with the use of overhead pendants drawing the eye up and forwards. Lighting the treads of the stairs also adds interest and has a practical purpose in making the almost all-black space much safer.

Alto Restaurant designed by Tom Dixon

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    August 26, 2016

    Wow! Those lights are stunning and the colours of the chairs, that bright pink and blue. I so want them! I’ll have to definitely take note of this to go to place, for when I next visit H.K.

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      August 28, 2016

      The colours are so effective against black and wood aren’t they. Have never been to HK but would love to go x

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    August 19, 2016

    I like the lights from the images above, thank you for sharing your idea


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