Lust List – Cox and Cox

Cox and Cox can do no wrong in my eyes and their new spring products made it on to my lust list straight away.

Cox and Cox [5]

Ava Chest, £550

If I was looking to buy a holiday cottage (I’m not saying I am, but I might) this is exactly how I would like to furnish it. With scrubbed wood, natural linens and metal. Things that could take a knock or two without looking shabby. But who says they can’t look pretty too. The Ava chest, above, would be just the right size for dropping a few things in to keep the room tidy, and attractive to boot.

Cox and cox - New for spring 2015

Vintage style dress rail, £145. Wall mounted coat rack, £80. Station wall rack, £40. Bath rack, £125.

And the best thing about holiday cottages is you can keep ‘stuff’ to a minimum. I can become minimalist at last! You only need the essentials, and what you take you can keep on show, especially when storage looks this good.

Cox and Cox [3]

Set of two safety pins, £30

I’d better get looking.

February 10, 2015



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