Lovely Bones

I’m often asked where on earth do I start when designing a room and it’s never a simple answer. It depends on so many things – what already exists, what has to stay, what can be changed, architectural details, what lifestyle does it have to cater for, personal taste – in fact the list is almost endless. But what always makes my heart sing is when I walk into a room that already has lovely bones. You know the rooms I mean? The ones with soaring ceilings, beautifully shaped windows, a feature fireplace, interesting beams or, be still my beating heart, a fabulous wooden floor.

Stunning Wooden Floor Via designer Martin Grant

This lofty room really benefits from the addition of the reclaimed wooden floor. It’s wobbly imperfections look at home with the chunky beams where a more streamlined floor would look out of place. The smooth white walls are a lovely contradiction to the other, more historic details and allow a mix of modern and reclaimed furniture to blend in nicely.

But fear not. You might not be able to change the shape of your windows, make the ceilings higher or have enough room for a proper hearth, but you can always install a stunning feature floor. The warmth of wood underfoot will always compensate for any lack of original features and will elevate any room from nice but uninteresting, to inviting and homely, or even elicit a WOW!

Stunning Wooden Floor Via Houzz

This rather grand looking room has plenty of period detailing and a very eclectic selection of furniture and accessories. And yet, it’s the wonderful parquet flooring that gives it warmth and personality., A similar effect could be achieved in a plainer more contemporary room just by the choice of floor and lashings of white paint on the walls.

It’s the interiors equivalent of a tasteful black dress. You can dress it up or down. Accessorise for different moods and occasions. Wear it in any way you want! But it will always look exquisite and it’s a look that will transcend time and fashions. And better than that, a wooden floor, chosen for quality (try online company, will last forever and only improve with age.

Stunning Wooden Floor Via Home Adore

This inviting bedroom owes much to the choice of floor. The wooden ceiling, large fireplace and comfy chairs also help to make it feel cosy and warm, but it’s the polished floorboards that exude class.

Granted, the images I have chosen here all have more than their fair share of architectural details, but it’s the floors that really draw the eye. The way the light falls across highly polished boards is quite tantalising. Rugs would be superfluous. Wood is warm to the touch anyway and it’s smoothness against bare feet is heavenly.

Stunning Wooden Floor Via vartnyahem

This architect designed house, with its wall to wall windows and exposed brick walls could very well have looked cold. The rich colour of the floor (and the roaring fire, of course) help to make it feel more inviting.

So, whether your home is a traditional one filled with antiques, a period home filled with mid-century furniture, or a white walled contemporary apartment, it can only benefit from lovely bones.

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