Love Your Curves and All Your Edges

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There’s no doubt that curves have made a stealthy comeback into interior design. Without many of us even noticing, curvy sofas, armchairs, tables, beds, mirrors and even lamps have been appearing in glossy magazines and on every website. It’s how trends work. At first only the daring will succumb. And those in the know in the interiors industry.  But gradually, with lot’s of exposure and a steady stream of inspiration from Pinterest and Instagram, a trend will take hold. It’s been that way with curves.

Love Your Curves and All Your Edges

Image: Modern Curved Sofa (new) from Juliettes Interiors

Love Your Curves

Curves can be very soothing to the eye. The lack of hard edges has the effect of cocooning in a graceful and feminine way. Sinking into a curved armchair is like being embraced in a soft, safe and warm hug. Placed into a room (which let’s face it, is usually square or rectangular) curved furniture will improve the flow. There will be no corners to catch legs unawares or to interrupt movement.

Love Your Curves and All Your Edges

Love Your Edges

Curved furniture can also be very impactful. Especially centre stage. It will balance out straight lines and soften angles. But here’s the thing. Too many curves can simply be too much for me. I’m a big lover of contrast and will always want to balance curves with straight lines. Circles with squares. Black with white. 

Mix Your Trends

Which brings me to another thing. Trends are not paint by numbers. Take from them what you love and leave the rest behind. Curved furniture can be very glamorous in an Art Deco styled room, with lots of plush textures, gold accessories and geometric prints. Even then the soft furniture shapes are contrasting with the angular prints. But place your curvy sofa in a New York style loft and the look is very different. Balancing elegant furniture with industrial elements is a contrast of another kind.

Love Your Curves and all Your Edges

Design Deconstructed

Starting with this gorgeous curvaceous sofa from Juliettes Interiors, I’ve designed a scheme that pulls in elements of industrial design as will as some biophilic design too. Curves occur natually in nature so it made sense to use green plants in the soft furnishings as well as adding real plants too. The curved black mirror echoes the curve of the sofa but also introduces straight lines too. The straight black lines are then reinforced by the black frame on the artwork. The wallpaper is inspired by rough plasterwork (industrial influences) but the gold metallic flecks are much more glamorous. The gold is then echoed in the candle holders and the table lamp that is also from Juliettes Interiors. Finally I’ve added a distressed wood floor and a soft rug that has a knobbly texture just like the sofa.

Shop The Look
  1. Gold Metal Candle Holder Hoops, Ginger Ray
  2. Milan Metallic Wallpaper in Neutral & Gold, I Love Wallpaper.
  3. Artificial Phoenix Palm, Blooming Artificial.
  4. Industrial Style Window Mirror, La Redoute.
  5. Forbidden Forest Sapphire Made to Measure Curtains,
  6. Modern Curved Sofa, Juliettes Interiors.
  7. Mid Century Green No 1 Poster, Desenio. Pink and Green Paint Samples – both from Lick.
  8. Chepstow Distressed Charcoal Oak, Woodpecker Flooring and Shaggy Rug, Loaf.
  9. Contemporary Curved Table Lamp, Juliettes Interiors.


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    April 20, 2022

    I love the overall look, but my eyes are on that curved sofa. What a gem!


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