Linn Warme Wall Murals

Sometimes you don’t want to cover the entire wall with colour and pattern. Sometimes you just want a design that acts as a focal point in much the same way as a piece of art. Or a feature wall that doesn’t shout too loud. And that’s what I like about these beautiful designs from Linn Warme.

Linn Warme Wallpaper Designs - Brother Dear

Brother Dear

Linn is a newly graduated Swedish artist and pattern designer and this is her first ever wallpaper collection. She begins each design with a pen drawing on paper – in her own words – “In my imagination the nature grows wild, with my hands I try to illustrate the feeling in my head, the feeling and calmness the forest gives me. But also the joy of the colorful world that exists outside our houses. I love the playfulness of creating, being able to do anything, to play with proportions and content. To create small details that you can discover and explore to infinity”.

Linn Warme Wallpaper Designs - In the forest lives...

In the forest live…

It’s the attention to detail that makes her work so interesting and alive.

Linn Warme Wallpaper Designs - Three Dears

Three Dears

I think this might be my favourite. This fun illustration of three deers covered in different patterns inspired by the Brothers Grimm saga “Town Musicians of Bremen”. Wouldn’t it look fabulous in a nursery? Or then again, it would look just as good at the top of my stairs.

Linn Warme Wallpaper Designs - Animal Symetry

Animal Symmetry

Available from Rebelwalls who ship worldwide and many other stockists.

March 20, 2014



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