Light Up Your Summer Nights

There’s a different feel about summer candlelight don’t you think? In winter we use candles to give a rosy glow and make us feel cosy and warm. But in summer it’s a whole different story. Candles seem to lengthen the time from sunset to darkness. Those extra minutes when we are loath to turn on the lights lest we lose a moment of the day. Those sultry evenings in the garden when it’s much too nice to go indoors, are made much more magical by a dancing flame. It the flame is casting shadows so much the better. And if the flame is in a hurricane lamp so that the lightest of breezes doesn’t snuff it out, even better still.

So I’ve got my eye on these glass hurricane candle holders which are made of sand-blasted glass and etched with a Susanne Schjerning design of a scene from nature.

Rikki Tikki Susanne Schjerning Glass Hurricanes

Rikki Tikki Susanne Schjerning Set of 2 Glass Hurricanes, £16.95

Aren’t they pretty? There are two large sizes priced at £21.95 and £32.95. The small size comes in a pair and is £16.95 for the two.

I also like these from metal hurricane lamps from the same designer.

Rikki Tikki Susanne Schjerning Hurricane Candle Holders (£16.95)

Priced at £16.95 each.

Rikki Tikki Susanne Schjerning Hurricane Candle Holders £16.95

Both designs are available from Home Arama.



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