Light Up My Life the LED Way

I’m a person who craves light. Even in high summer if there’s a gloomy day, I will turn on the lamps and create little pockets of warmth all around the house. I’m even worse in the darker winter months when the lamps are on, morning, noon and night, so thank goodness for LED’s. They not only save money on the household bills (they can actually save a massive 90%!), they need replacing less often (they can last 20 years) and they are kinder to the planet.

Dear Designer's Blog - Light Up My Living Room

You may think that replacing all the bulbs around the house will be complicated and require an electrician. Well, you’d be wrong. LED Hut has a vast range of bulbs that can be popped into your existing fixtures, and they even have a handy bulb selector tool designed to help you. Even I couldn’t get it wrong when deciding which bulbs I needed for all of my light sources.

Dear Designer's Blog - Light Up My Stairs

And luckily for me they stock more than just bulbs. I can never resist layering the light around the house with a combination of overhead lights, table lamps, fairy lights, and even candles. The ones above are very realistic looking battery operated pillar candles complete with flicker, and the decorative branch lights look very effective placed in large vase of flowers from the garden. (I used a vase within a vase in case you’re wondering, so that the lights didn’t get wet.)

Dear Designer's Blog - Light Up My Hall

I may have the smallest front hall in the world but it’s not short on impact thanks to a combination of a pendant light, fairy lights and battery operated night lights. At night the lights around the mirror are enough to light this small space and create a warm welcome for visitors.

Dear Designer's Blog - Light Up My Bedroom

And probably my favourite corner of the house at the moment is in the bedroom. My Abigail Ahern parrot lamp and cluster Christmas lights (fairy lights are for life, not just for Christmas) cheer me up in the morning and create a cosy feel at night.

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This post was written as part of the StyLED challenge in partnership with LEDHut Ltd who are leading providers of LED’s into the UK, offering competitively priced products, strong product guarantees, and the right product certifications with a great UK delivery service.

All photographs are Dear Designer’s own.



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    November 2, 2016

    Very lovely photos of the home, there is something about those lights that make a difference! 🙂 Just found your blog. I love it!

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      November 3, 2016

      Thanks Jay. Glad you like it.


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