Light of my Life

People have different reasons for choosing the house they live in. It may be the size of the garden, the open-plan kitchen/living room, the school catchment area, or the proximity to public transport. Me? I chose my house because of the top-floor master bedroom. It spans the depth and width of the house (with a few sloping ceilings to catch you out occasionally) and includes the bedroom, dressing area and en-suite bathroom. At the time that was my idea of luxury. In fact, it still is. A year and half on, we’re still luxuriating in the freedom to spread out. To pad bare-foot (or butt naked!) around our little sky-high sanctuary, safe in the knowledge that even when we have house guests we have our privacy. And so do they.

Love Me - Keep Me

Bed, Console table, Within. Side table, Chandelier & Mirror Co. Ghost chair, Design 55. Lamp, Ikea.

However, the size and different aspects of the space is proving tricky from a design point of view. This is why it’s still furnished with a mixture of different things that originally were in various different rooms in the old house. I still don’t have anything covering the bare light bulbs for example and I’m willing to wait for just the right things, but I need to make at least some sort of decision about which direction style-wise I’m going to go in.

Love Me - Buy Me

Wallpaper, Ellie Cashman, Screen, Sweetpea & Willow. Chandelier, Holly Willoughby at BHS. Cushion, Cumulus Living. Chair, French Bedroom Co.

I’m in love with the Ellie Cashman dark floral wallpaper. The room is big and light enough to take it on the wall behind the bed. I may even paint the wall opposite in a dark, almost black shade to balance out the large expanses of white ceiling. My bed and bedside tables are new so they will be staying, but the dressing table and chest of drawers may get a coat of white gloss to make them look more contemporary. I need chandeliers. Two. I’ve already put white plantation shutters at the dormer window, and all that will be needed then is hotel chic bedlinen (see my post last week) and accessories. Oh, and I have room for an armchair. How decadent is that?

The VELUX windows need addressing too. I absolutely love them. The one above my dressing table gives the perfect light for doing my makeup, and of course they aren’t overlooked so I could leave them bare. But they just look undressed. There isn’t any problem with sunlight coming in because of the direction they face, but ironically the moon can be uncomfortably bright some nights. I need something to diffuse the light but not shut it out. And it has to be in-keeping with the slightly boho, eclectic look that I’m inevitably going to end up with. I’m hoping the restrained colour palette will pull it all together.

Velux Blinds Direct

VELUX Blinds Direct

This brings me on to the division between the bedroom and the dressing area. At the moment there isn’t one. I’m a tidy person so it’s not that there will be mess on show, it’s just that it would feel cosier if there was some kind of barrier between the two. I want to be able to see the dressing area, but I want something that will indicate it has a different function. I think the solution might be a lace curtain or a screen. What do you think?

You see, even designers have decorating dilemma’s.

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July 16, 2015