Let There Be Light in the Garden

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Read any expert advice about lighting, and you’ll learn that light should come from a variety of sources. It’s the best way to create atmosphere and prevent a room scheme from looking flat and one-dimensional. So why not adopt the same rules when considering lighting for the garden? Instead of concentrating on one or more harsh wall lights, sprinkle the light sources around a little and create a relaxing retreat for evening drinks.

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Let There Be Light in the Garden

String Lights

String or festoon lights can be used almost anywhere. We’ve strung them across the roof struts of the pergola, but they can be used along a wall or fence, or even hung from the branches of a tree. These are plugged into the mains electricity and can be extended up to a maximum length of 100m from just one plug. They won’t create a lot of light but they look really pretty at the end of the garden. Especially in warm white, which is what I prefer for lights inside or outside.


Lanterns have always been one of my go-to’s for garden lighting. Enclosing pillar candles behind glass ensures that they don’t blow out at the faintest whiff of a breeze. But I’m now sold on these lovely Moroccan inspired lanterns with battery operated candles. Yes, don’t they look real? They even have a very subtle flicker effect, just to fool any guest who has the cheek to peer too closely. Grouped in clusters on the ground or on the table the effect is gorgeous and very romantic. NB. Technically these are indoor lanterns so they won’t be staying out overnight.

Let There Be Light in the Garden


The dining table is never complete without candles in my opinion. And yes, these are battery operated too! No need to keep the matches handy as these are not going to blow out in the wind. And no one is going to catch their hair alight after one too many glasses of vino (what, don’t tell me you haven’t done that?). Also, technically indoor candles but very practical outside too. NB. The candle holders are from IKEA.

Let There Be Light in the Garden

Purely Decorative

And because it’s still early in the year and there aren’t too many flowers yet, I’ve hung a lavender wreath and micro light bundle. Just for a bit of colour and sparkle.  It’s a pretty piece for indoors or for outside during the summer months, making a lovely addition to your front door or garden shed. Plus it’s versatile. It makes the perfect table centrepiece too. The micro lights are brilliantly bendable so you can shape and entwine them around the wreath with ease! All that’s left to do is set them on the 6 hour timer for a fuss free glow every day.

Let There Be Light in the Garden

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