Kitchens: Small but Perfectly Formed

Let’s face it. A lot of us don’t have the kind of spacious kitchens that we see featured in glossy magazines, but that doesn’t mean that we can’t create for ourselves our perfect kitchen. Have you never heard of “small but perfectly formed?”

We just have to be a little more creative, right?

harvey jones small-kitchen-1

Obviously we have to use the space efficiently but we can also use illusion. Light neutral colours on the walls and cabinets will help, but glossy surfaces will actually bounce the light around and make the space look more, well, spacious. It goes without saying too that windows should be allowed to let the light flood in. Forget fussy window treatments. Translucent window film is a great alternative and cost effective too.

harvey jones small-kitchen-2

Wall space should be utilised as much as possible when planning your small kitchen. Narrower, taller cabinets allow you to store items all the way up to the ceiling and amazingly their reduced width also helps maintain the illusion of your kitchen being bigger than it actually is.

Keep the worktop area as free from clutter as possible. Pantry drawers included in the plan help to utilize the under worktop space to good effect and microwaves mounted on the wall are also a good idea.

harvey jones small-kitchen-3

Don’t forget though that there should still be some of our own personality in our kitchens. A striking colour accent, a few well chosen accessories, a few pots of herbs on the window sill even. You might call it the icing on the cake. Or in this small but perfectly formed case, the cherry on the cupcake.

Images courtesy of Harvey Jones Kitchens

November 5, 2013



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