It’s Fur Enough

It may still be August but it certainly feels like Autumn is here. As the rain lashed against the windows yesterday I was forced to turn on lights and put on a cardy, so it’s definitely time to start making the house feel more cosy again. Yet, I’m not quite ready to give up on the sunny season. So, like adding an extra layer of clothes over a cotton dress my answer is to add a layer of cushions and throws over the summer furnishings. And because it’s so soft and warm, let’s make it white fur.


Arizona Metal & Wood Dining Table £399, Marseille Silver Metal Dining Chair £49, Marseille White Metal Dining Chair £49, Slate Placemats £12 for 2, Lace Dinner Set £35, Metallic Wine Glasses £10 for 2, Metallic Hi Ball Glasses £10 for 2, White Ribbed Faux Fur Throw £35, White Ribbed Faux Fur Cushion £14, Light Natural Faux Fur Throw £35, Large Metal Lantern £14, Mini Metal Hurricane £8, Large Butterfly Bottle £5, Small Butterfly Bottle £3.50. All Tesco Direct.

Adding an extra layer to the garden furniture can even extend the season outside too. To carry on the look of decadence, add plenty of lanterns, sparkly tealight holders and even a chandelier!

Cosy bottoms via Dear Designer's Blog

1. Bloomingville bench with goatskin, £379, Amara. 2. Ebben wool topped stool, £328, Rowen & Wren. 3. Short wool curly pouf, £266 Amara. 4. Faux fur beanbag, £285, The White Company.

Bottoms will always be grateful for any of the above luxury items but if you want to go down the do-it-yourself route it would be quite easy to add a sheepskin to a wooden stool.


Warwick Large Chenille Sofa £699, Ruskin Coffee Table £149, Ruskin Console Table £249, Ruskin Nest of Tables £99, Wooden Tripod Floor Lamp £79, It’s Just The Little Things Cushion £8, Beautiful Basic Grey Cushion £5, Stone Chenille Cushion £7, White Faux Fur Cushion £10, Grey Triangle Rug 120x170cm £90, Wooden Live Simply Wall Art £5, Tall Grey Sandblast Bottle £6, Butterfly Bottle £3.50, Hammered Stainless Steel Storage Canister £8. All Tesco Direct.

And for snuggling up in the evening the addition of a few extra pillows and a faux fur throw will go down a treat.

August 25, 2015
August 28, 2015



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    August 28, 2015

    Fantastic idea. It actually can extend the season. It is also beautiful.
    I also have a small garden with furniture. I’ve got blankets and I sit in the garden until late fall.

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      August 30, 2015

      Sounds lovely Mariola 🙂


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