It’s Easy To Go Green

I think I’m possibly suffering withdrawal. I haven’t had a proper garden for over a year now, and although I live near countryside I am craving green. If I could, I’d paint every room in the house in varying shades from olive to lime. I want palm print wallpaper. I want to fill my house with plants. I’m really hoping that when the garden landscaping is done, and I can actually start to grow something, that I will be cured forever.

georgehome_potting shed [1]

In the meantime I am adding a bit of greenery wherever I can. A pot plant or two can make a surprising difference to a room and my collection is growing. Fresh flowers add not only green but some scent too. And the light reflecting off green coloured glass is like a tonic on a dull day.

georgehome_potting shed [3]

Botanical prints are finding their way back into my life. And floral tapestries that had been banished to the loft are enjoying renewed popularity in our house and are popping up everywhere.

georgehome_potting shed [2]

And I am busy pouring over catalogues, planning the flowerbeds, and dreaming of next years spring bulbs. Already.

All images from SS14 collection at George Home.


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    May 27, 2015

    Our living room is painted in a pale shade of green and it’s lovely. As your touches of green in your photos.


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